Madison PHP Conference 2014

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

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Mathew Peterson

I am a father, co-founder Fox Cities PUG, and the lead engineer at Smart Social Media, Inc.


David Buchmann

David Buchmann works at Liip AG as Symfony expert. He is maintaining the Symfony Content Management Framework, a core developer of the PHP content repository implementation Jackalope and co-author of the FOSHttpCacheBundle. When he is not coding, he enjoys travelling with his girlfriend, music and board games.


Jeffrey Carouth

Jeff Carouth is a web application developer honing his programming and skiing skills at Liftopia. He is an active member of the PHP community, speaker, co-organizer of BCSPHP, and co-host of the Loosely Coupled podcast. He believes quality code, testing, and automation are necessary ingredients in a recipe for a successful software project. When not hacking away at code he is a father and husband, beer and Scotch enthusiast, and an amateur photographer. Follow Jeff on Twitter as jcarouth or read his blog at


Sean Coates

Sean Coates is a partner at Fictive Kin where he says he does ops and development, but really spends most of his time unbreaking things that past-Sean broke. He's been doing this Web thing professionally since 1999, and has been contributing to PHP in some form or another since 2001.


Daniel Cousineau

Daniel is a Senior Engineer for Croscon living in New York City. In his laughably short free time, he co-organizes the QueensJS user group, continues to assist co-orgaizing the Lone Star PHP conference, speaks at conferences, eats way too much souvlaki at the cart down the street. He is Yolo Certified, a cat lover, and despite his last name not Canadian.


Jason Endres

Jason Endres is a Software Architect at Trek. Founded in 1976 Trek is a leading bicycle manufacturer. He is a member of the Madison PHP user group and you can find him on Twitter (@tinyjason). 


Edward Finkler

Ed Finkler, also known as Funkatron (, started making web sites before browsers had frames. He does front-end and server-side work in Python, PHP, and JavaScript. He served as web lead and security researcher at The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS) at Purdue University ( for 9 years. Now he's a proud member of the Fictive Kin ( team. Along with Chris Hartjes, Ed is co-host of the Development Hell podcast ( Ed's current passion is raising mental health awareness in the tech community with his "Open Sourcing Mental Illness ( speaking campaign. He is part of "Engine Yard's Prompt ( campaign. Ed writes at


Larry Garfield

Larry Garfield has been building web sites since he was a sophomore in high school, which is longer ago than he'd like to admit. As a freelancer he worked mostly for Chicago-area politicians before graduating to full time consulting with

At Palantir, Larry is a Senior Architect and Community Lead, developing solutions for medium to large cultural and educational institutions. He also works to represent both Palantir and Drupal in the broader developer community.

Larry is an active Drupal core contributor, including the principle architect of the Drupal 7 database system and the Drupal 8 Web Services Lead. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Drupal Association and the Drupal representative to the Framework Interoperability Group. Larry holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from DePaul University.

Larry is a co-author of "Drupal 7 Module Development" from Packt Publishing. He blogs at both and


Tim Lytle

Tim has been a contract developer for the past 10 years, and is now the Developer Evangelist at Nexmo. Having worked on API integration and custom applications, Tim enjoys the Zend Framework, Doctrine2, and well-documented APIs. He’s also the organizer of the Lehigh Valley PHP Meetup.


Jeremy Mikola

Jeremy Mikola is a software engineer at MongoDB's NYC office. As a member of the driver and evangelism team, he helps develop the PHP driver and contributes to various OSS projects, such as Doctrine ODM and React PHP. Jeremy lives in Hoboken, NJ and is known to enjoy a good sandwich.


Ben Ramsey

Ben Ramsey is a web craftsman, author, and speaker. He builds a platform for professional photographers at ShootProof, organizes user groups, and lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, son, and dog named Echo. Ben blogs at and is @ramsey on Twitter.


Beau Simensen

Beau Simensen (@beausimensen, has been a professional polyglot programmer since 1998. He owns Dragonfly Development (, a consulting company, and is Co-founder and Chief Software Architect for REFLX Labs, a wearables startup out of Seattle. An active open-sourcer, he created Sculpin ( and helped create Stack PHP ( He is also the Sculpin representative to the PHP Framework Interoperability Group (PHP-FIG). Beau is a proponent of framework agnostic code. Unglue all the things!


Chris Tankersley

Chris Tankersley is a husband, father, and PHP developer in Northwest Ohio. He works for The Brick Factory in Washington, D.C. doing Drupal, Wordpress, and custom development, founded the Northwest Ohio PHP User Group, and works with local developers helping them with programming and server administration. He works in a variety of languages, including PHP, nodejs, Python, and others.


Vesna Vuynovich Kovach

Vesna Vuynovich Kovach was a senior copy editor specializing in consumer tech for high-profile online publications including eHow Tech, the Houston Chronicle's, San Francisco Chronicle's SFGate and before becoming a software developer. She works for, one of the largest independent online retailers of office products. As part of an agile dev team that responds quickly to indicators of visitor satisfaction, she knows firsthand the power of understanding what's happening with your audience hour by hour. Vesna is also a widely published food writer who runs She tweets at @Vesna_V_K.


Matthew Weier O'Phinney

Matthew is a Principal Engineer at Zend Technologies, and project lead for both Apigility and Zend Framework. He has been using and abusing web technologies since the late nineties, and actively contributing to open source projects for over a decade, primarily in PHP. When not in front of a computer, you’ll find him cavorting with his Basset Hound and family on the plains of South Dakota.


Sandy Smith

Sandy has been developing websites in PHP for 14 years. Starting in government, he endured the Dot Com bubble before working with nonprofits for over a decade and managing a team of developers. Finding a love of mentoring developers, he worked at the career management startup mojoLive before co-founding and taking on php[architect]'s training services.


Michael Williams

Michael has been a professional PHP developer for over eight years and active in the Madison PHP community for most of those years. His background as a developer spans working on large e-commerce platforms and enterprise content management systems during the day to open source projects and retro text-based games at night. He currently lives in Madison Wisconsin where he works remotely as a PHP developer for Politico. You can find him on Twitter at @mikesmoniker or in IRC on Freenode under the same name.