Madison PHP Conference 2014

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

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Rapid Application Development With Symfony2 (Michael Williams)

The first phase of creating a web application is rarely building the finished product. Whether you aren't quite sure what your final product needs to look like yet or simply need a rough prototype to demo by next week, Symfony provides a level flexibility and customization that can lend itself incredibly well to building things quickly and easily. Symfony is a powerful framework with a relatively steep learning curve, but with hundreds of third-party Bundles at your disposal you can learn how to get all of the advantages Symfony has to offer while leaving much of the more advanced functionality for the day you really need it.


Michael Williams

Michael has been a professional PHP developer for over eight years and active in the Madison PHP community for most of those years. His background as a developer spans working on large e-commerce platforms and enterprise content management systems during the day to open source projects and retro text-based games at night. He currently lives in Madison Wisconsin where he works remotely as a PHP developer for Politico. You can find him on Twitter at @mikesmoniker or in IRC on Freenode under the same name.