Madison PHP Conference 2014

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

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Becoming a RUM Runner (Vesna Vuynovich Kovach)

Life should be good: server's jumping, and the traffic is high. So where are all the sales and signups you expect? A healthy dash of RUM will reveal myriad answers to your conversion problems. Learn to apply Real User Monitoring to your application, so you can find out:

  • Why "average response time" is misleading
  • Why milliseconds can be expensive – even fatal – to your business
  • How many of your visitors get frustrated when they use your site
  • How many of them are satisfied – and how many are just hanging in there
  • How to identify your most crucial outliers
  • Whether your slowdowns are on the back or front end
  • What the performance of your application feels like in real life

Don't get lost in a sea of bewildering statistics! Become a RUM runner and navigate the numbers to your advantage. You will learn how to use metrics to discover buried treasure. Find hidden information about your application – information that your users already know, and that either keeps them clicking or drives them away for good. Learn how to interpret the Apdex (Application Performance Index) standard, understand and apply best practices from ITIL (IT Information Library), create transaction groups to meaningfully segregate data from different areas of your website, and more. Avoid common pitfalls – know what these measurements do and do not tell you, and how to recognize the difference. Shop for services that provide readable statistics about your application. Leverage the power of A/B tests. Communicate with management about real-life consequences regarding upgrades and repairs. Go home with a tool set for making the best decisions for providing your visitors with a hassle-free experience that encourages them to become enthusiastic customers.


Vesna Vuynovich Kovach

Vesna Vuynovich Kovach was a senior copy editor specializing in consumer tech for high-profile online publications including eHow Tech, the Houston Chronicle's, San Francisco Chronicle's SFGate and before becoming a software developer. She works for, one of the largest independent online retailers of office products. As part of an agile dev team that responds quickly to indicators of visitor satisfaction, she knows firsthand the power of understanding what's happening with your audience hour by hour. Vesna is also a widely published food writer who runs She tweets at @Vesna_V_K.