Madison PHP Conference 2014

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

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Reframing The Problem (Daniel Cousineau)

Often times, we hit a wall and get stuck on a problem, only to realize much later - and after lengthy and unnecessary pain- that the solution was simple if we had just reframed the problem as something else. Thinking like a Computer Scientist involves being able to take a step back, abstracting what we know about a problem space, and realizing relations to other, solved, problems that were not immediately apparent. Together, we'll tackle a problem, learn how to think, and come away with that "aha!" moment that we all know and love as developers.


Daniel Cousineau

Daniel is a Senior Engineer for Croscon living in New York City. In his laughably short free time, he co-organizes the QueensJS user group, continues to assist co-orgaizing the Lone Star PHP conference, speaks at conferences, eats way too much souvlaki at the cart down the street. He is Yolo Certified, a cat lover, and despite his last name not Canadian.