Madison PHP Conference 2014

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

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HTTP Caching with Varnish (David Buchmann)

With the Varnish caching proxy, you can make slow websites blazingly fast. The basics are quite simple once you understand how the cache handling in HTTP works. For starters, we will look into HTTP and the Varnish configuration. The main course is going to be cache invalidation and the cache tagging strategy. For dessert, there will be an introduction to edge side includes (ESI) - all liberally sprinkled with examples from the FOSHttpCache library and some ideas from the FOSHttpCacheBundle for Symfony2.


David Buchmann

David Buchmann works at Liip AG as Symfony expert. He is maintaining the Symfony Content Management Framework, a core developer of the PHP content repository implementation Jackalope and co-author of the FOSHttpCacheBundle. When he is not coding, he enjoys travelling with his girlfriend, music and board games.